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Quality: satisfaction and loyalty

With our longstanding cooperation with leading suppliers of raw materials as polyolefin dyes and additives, we guarantee a benchmark of quality and security of supply.

The long-lasting relationship and partnership, consistency and faithfulness between Palamy and its suppliers are a guarantee of carefulness in terms of quality, consistency and responsiveness.


The quality in the production of plastic films and bags:

In line with our dynamic continuous progress, our operators control the main parameters of the films manufacturing (material, color ...) and the characteristics of the product in accordance with the specifications (size, strength, conditioning…)


The laboratory testing of polyethylene and polypropylene films:

Alongside the quality controls carried out during the film production process, we conduct analyses in our laboratory for each of our products. These consist essentially in ensuring the quality of the product  and fulfil customer requirements.

Technical assistance for films and packaging:

To advise its clients on the characteristics of plastic films and packaging, Palamy has made available a technical department Search / Development highly qualified. This is how Palamy develops formulations of polyethylene films co-extruded on appropriate characteristics (slippery, transparency, brightness, resistance...)


The BRC IoP food safety certification procedure:

The HACCP study and the associated procedures ensure healthy food packaging, safe, in compliance with the regulation and risks.